Pre-ordering is better

When you pre-order, it's better for you, Gentrue, and the planet.

For us, it allows us to make sure we manufacture only enough items that we know will be sold. No waste.

For you, it means fewer impulsive purchases. Goodbye throwaway culture.

For the planet, slower, thoughtful, and less wasteful fashion is better in every way.

Take a deep breath

You pre-order and we’ll tell you the approximate date you will receive your beautiful Gentrue gear.

For our first collection, it will ship out mid-March 2021.

Your Gentrue gear arrives and it’s time to get naturally active.

HOW is it better?


You pre-order your product and we are informed.

This keeps production cycles tighter and more predictable.

Products are delivered by ship. This takes longer but has a HUGE impact.

We ship the products to you in the most sustainable way.

There is no waste or overproduction meaning no clothing in landfills.

Legacy brands

Brands estimate their units for a best sales scenario.

Brands produce clothes massively, adding pressure to produce it quickly and cheaply.

Products are flown to warehouse, meaning lots of emissions and carbon impact.

You order
your products.

Product is shipped to you as fast as possible.

Each year, almost 30% of produced clothes will not be sold.